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TF-USB LeCroy Fixture

The TF-USB is a fixture from LeCroy. A fixture is a kind of electronic test equipment that continuously runs tests on a piece of equipment. Fixtures test electronic components, circuits, chips, and software. Engineers use fixtures to hold the equipment under test (EUT) in place and run tests using controlled electronic signals.
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Additional Features:

  • USB Testing Compliance Test Fixture

USB testing requires a number of probes as well as additional USB devices. The high-speed receiver sensitivity test requires a digital pattern generator. The following equipment is required for high-speed, full-speed, and low-speed USB testing:

  • WaveRunner 6200A, WavePro7200A or better, WaveMaster 8300A or better or SDA
  • USB test fixture (LeCroy TF-USB)
  • 2 GHz or higher bandwidth active differential probe (LeCroy D350ST-SP, 2 ea.)
  • 2 GHz active probe (LeCroy HFP2500, 2 ea.)
  • 1 GHz or lower bandwidth active probe (HFP1000) or passive probe (PP006A) or equivalent)
  • Current probe (LeCroy CP015)
  • Certified high-speed USB Hub (self-powered)
  • Self-powered full-speed hubs (5 ea.)
  • 5 meter USB cables (6 ea.)
  • Low-speed trigger device (USB mouse)
  • Full-speed trigger device (USB web camera)

The USB test fixture (TF-USB) is required to perform compliance tests. The fixture consists of several sections designed to allow connection to the electrical signal under test. Each section is marked on the fixture, and the ports on each section are also labeled. The section and port(s) to use for a given test are called out in the procedure on the instrument display and in this manual.

To operate, the fixture requires a 5 V power supply, which is provided with the fixture. The USB test fixture has square pins that provide connection points for differential and single-ended probes. The pins are connected to the "+" and "-" signal lines and a pair of ground pins are also provided.

USB2 is an automated test package that performs all of the required tests from the USB-IF for physical layer compliance of USB2.0 hosts, hubs, and devices. The package consists of software that runs within the LeCroy WavePro 7000A series, WaveMaster, SDA, or WaveRunner 6000A series of X-Stream digitizing oscilloscopes, and an optional test fixture that allows you to couple into the electrical USB signals. 

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