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TG315 Thurlby Thandar Instruments Function Generator

The TG315 is a 3 MHz function generator from Thurlby Thandar Instruments.
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  • 0.03Hz to 3MHz frequency range
  • Simultaneous display of frequency & amplitude
  • High waveform quality at all frequencies & levels
  • 2mV to 20V pk-pk from 50 Ohms or 600 Ohms
  • Variable symmetry with constant frequency
  • Auxiliary TTL/CMOS output
  • 1000:1 frequency change by vernier or sweep voltage


  • 2U Rack Mount for plastic cased bench instruments


  • Frequency Range: 0.03Hz to 3MHz in 7 overlapping decade ranges with fine adjustment by a vernier.
  • Vernier Range: 1000:1 on each range.

The TG315 includes dual digital display of frequency and amplitude, along with the basic generator functions of sine, square & triangle waveforms, variable DC offset, variable symmetry and an external sweep input.

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