TIMS-301 Emona Telecom



  • ADVANCED MODULE set adds over 50 additional functions for implementing the vast range of experiment capabilities of TIMS (NOT INCLUDED)
  • DSP-based modules are available to compare the performance of traditional electronic circuits with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques within the TIMS environment, as well as for implementing more complex schemes.
  • In-house modules can be designed to fit into the TIMS system due to the open architecture of TIMS.
  • The TIMS-301C includes a built-in virtual instrument for connecting to a PC to give oscilloscope functions and spectrum analysis (FFT).
  • Unique to TIMS, for networking a TIMS laboratory, is ‘TIMS Trunks’. The instructor can send up to 3 telecommunications signals from the master TIMS System, to each student’s TIMS system.

The TIMS-301 TIMS (Telecommunication Instructional Modelling System), is a flexible and versatile communications trainer that incorporates all of the instruments needed to quickly and easily carry out every communications laboratory experiment required in a range of courses, from technical college to university level.

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