TLPS BK Precision Accessory Kit

The TLPS is an accessory kit from BK Precision.
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Additional Features:

  • Large alligator clips, standard alligator clips, spade lug and banana plug adapters
  • Used to make your connects easier
  • For Power Supplies with remote sensing capability, a ready-made lead set also included


  • 2-Retractile Leads, 120cm (48”) (Black & Red)
  • 2-6/4mm Spade Lug Adapters (Black & Red)
  • 2-Standard Alligator Clips (Black & Red)
  • 2-4mm Banana Plug Adapters (Black & Red)
  • 2-Insulated Alligator Clips (Black & Red)
  • 1-Sense Lead Pair, 1 m (Black & Red)

The BK Precision TLPS is an accessory kit that combines safety and functionality. The highly flexible silicone jacked test leads feature a retractile sheathed banana plug to connect to the Bench Power Supply and a fixed sheath banana plug to protect the user.

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