TLS216 Tektronix Logic Analyzer

The TLS216 is a logic analyzer from Tektronix.

Additional Features:

  • 500-MHz Real-Time Bandwidth
  • 16 Input Channels
  • 2-GS/s Simultaneous Sampling on All Channels
  • <±100 ps Timing Resolution
  • Sensitivity: 50 mV to 10 V/div
  • Position Range: ±5 div
  • Offset: ±1 V from 1 to 99.5 mV/div
  • Display Modes: Analog, Timing Diagram, and BusForm™
  • Logic Family Presets for TTL, ECL, and CMOS
  • Sophisticated Time-Qualified Triggering with Four Word Recognizers
  • Facilitates Hands-Free Connection to SMT Devices
  • Low-Capacitance Probe for Nonintrusive Probing
  • Powerful Triggering Reduces Time to Identify Problems
  • Flexible Display Modes Simplify Recognition of Timing Faults
  • High-Speed Acquisitions on All Channels Facilitate Analysis of Complex System Interactions

The Tektronix TLS216 Logic Scope is a new class of instrument designed to simplify the task of debugging digital hardware. The Logic Scope seamlessly combines in a single instrument the analog acquisition system of a high-speed digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) with the triggering and display systems of a logic analyzer. The 500-MHz bandwidth Logic Scope samples all channels simultaneously at 2 GS/s and has sophisticated time-qualified triggering, a high-resolution color display and an integrated MS DOS-compatible 3.5-inch floppy disk drive.

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