TM6101 Hioki Optical Meter

The TM6101 is a optical meter from Hioki.
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  • Optical characteristic measuring instrument for white LED and LED lighting devices
  • High-precision filter system delivers high speed and high precision
  • Rapid measurement with approx. 5ms at its fastest
  • Stability of chromaticity values is within ± 0.0001 (3)
  • Influence caused by angle of incidence is within ± 0.001 for chromaticity values

The Hioki TM6101 is an optical characteristic measuring instrument geared for the production lines of white LED and LED lighting devices. Based on Hioki’s proprietary filter spectroscopic measurement method, the LED optical meter measures optical characteristics such as luminous intensity, chromaticity, and color rendering index of white LEDs with ultra-high accuracy and offers a faster speed of measurement compared to a high-precision spectrometer.

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