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TPG20 Tektronix Pattern Generator

The TPG20 is a Pattern Generator from Tektronix. A pattern signal generator, or pattern generator, is a type of electronic test equipment engineers use to detect and generate waveforms from a device. An engineer can program a central pattern generator to make a particular digital signal during a test. There are several channels, or outputs, to choose from on a pattern generator.

Additional Features:

  • Multiformat Test Signal Pattern and Image Generator
  • Serial and Parallel Composite and Component Digital Outputs
  • Analog Composite, Y/C, Y and Color Difference and GBR and Sync Output
  • 10-Bit Resolution on Three Independent Channels
  • Instant Switching Between Any Two Patterns
  • Controllable Moving Patterns
  • Fully Genlockable
  • Supports VM700A Measurement Routines
  • Conforms to Digital Standards CCIR 601, 656: EBU Tech 3267, SMPTE 125M, 244M, 259M, 267M
  • Compatible with 16:9 EDTV Standards
  • Unlimited Pattern Complexity

The Tektronix TPG20 Test Pattern Generator provides a complete source of digitally synthesized still and moving mathematically correct test patterns. The Kudos TPG-20 is a standard, format and hardware independent, programmable test pattern image generator. It can be instantly configured to supply ultra-precise test images with no drift or approximation in all current standards and formats as well as current and future standards and formats such as 16:9 and PALplus.

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