TPS2PWR1 Tektronix Software

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Additional Features:

  • Improve Efficiency of Power Designs with Switching-loss Measurements including Turn-on, Turn-off, and Conduction Losses
  • Reduce Test Time with Harmonic Measurements to the 50th Harmonic
  • Eliminate Manual Calculations with Automated Power Analysis, Waveform Analysis, and Phase Analysis with True Power, Reactive Power, Power Factor, Crest Factor, Phase Relationships
  • Reduce Measurement Time with dv/dt and di/dt Cursors


  • Motor Drive Design and Test
  • UPS Design and Test
  • Power Semiconductor Characterization
  • Power Quality Equipment Design and Test
  • Power Monitoring and Performance Verification

As an industrial power designer or technician, you must perform a range of power-specific measurements to develop, test, and race products to market. The TPS2000 Series oscilloscopes, when equipped with TPS2PWR1 power measurement and analysis software, allows you to optimize your productivity by reducing your development and test time with a broad range of power-specific measurements, such as switching loss (including turn-on, turn-off, and conduction losses), harmonic distortion measurements to the 50th harmonic, and dv/dt and di/dt cursor measurements. Use a single instrument to make an array of measurements–from measuring high voltages and high currents to debugging control circuits.

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