TQ8210 Advantest Optical Meter

The TQ8210 is a used Optical Meter from Advantest. Engineers use optical signal generators when they want to transmit optical signals during an electronic equipment test.An optical meter is an instrument used to test and measure optical signals.

Additional Features:

  • Wavelength Sensitivity Compensation Function for High-Accuracy Absolute Power Measurement
  • 4½-Digit Wide Dynamic Range Measurement
  • -60 dBm High-Sensitivity Measurement for 1.3/1.55 µm
  • MAX Hold Function for Retaining Maximum Power Value
  • Smoothing Function for Stable Measurement
  • LCD with Back Light Enabling the Use on Dark Locations
  • Analog Output Function

The Advantest TQ8210 is a general-purpose portable optical power meter. It uses either a silicon photodiode sensor (for short wavelengths) or an InGaAs or a germanium photodiode sensor (for long wavelengths). A compact sensor facilitates measurements in clamped places. It is suitable for use in R&D applications for optical telecommunications, laser printers, CD equipment and magneto-optical disks.

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