TR501 Tektronix Tracking Generator

The TR501 is a tracking generator from Tektronix. A signal generator is a device that creates electronic signals, repeating or non-repeating, in the digital or analog domains, depending on need. Signal generators design, test, troubleshoot, and repair electronic devices across many different industries and applications.

Additional Features:

The TR501 is a two-wide unit compatible with the Tek TM500-Series Power Modular.
Sweep rates are controlled with the Spectrum Analyzer and the output level is controlled from the Tracking Generator.

For later expansion of the system, a TM503 Mainframe is recommended which allows for the addition of a DC-Series Frequency Counter Module for direct measurement of the center frequency.
When used as a CW source, the TR501/7L12 system has a 200 Hz stability increasing overall system dynamic range to over 100 dB.
Allows swept frequency tests from 100 kHz to 1.8 GHz to be made with a 7L12 Analyzer.

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