UAF Rohde & Schwarz Analyzer



  • Ease of operation
  • 3 signal inputs
  • 25 video parameters
  • Limit monitoring
  • Full-field measurements
  • Convenient result display
  • Freely selectable test signal
  • Memory card
  • Printer interface
  • Remote control (IEC/IEEE bus)
  • Small dimensions
  • High-speed measurements

The logical arrangement of the Rohde & Schwarz UAF front-panel controls offers a clear overview of its functions and ensures ease of operation. Each parameter is assigned its own key. The associated LED above the key blinks if the limit values are exceeded. The keypad to the left of the display permits the setup menus of the Rohde & Schwarz UAF to be selected directly. Such a menu is inserted as a window above the normal result display. Thus it is possible to use the softkeys for changing general settings such as the input, synchronization, printer mode.

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ManufacturerRohde & Schwarz
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