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VA47K+1AFP20 JDSU Optical Attenuator


The VA47K+1AFP20 is a optical attenuator from JDSU. Attenuators are a type of test equipment that’s useful during Optical design. When an engineer needs to reduce (attenuate) the level of an optical signal, he or she uses an attenuator.

Additional Features:

  • Return loss >60dB
  • Very long battery life
  • Portable for field use
  • Optional universal connector adapter

Attenuation is set manually from the front panel at a 0.1 dB resolution. Unlike programmable attenuators, the attenuation level is maintained when the power is turned on or off. The attenuators use JDS Uniphase's ultra-linear attenuator prism and highly reliable microlense technology to produce accurate attenuation settings with low insertion loss and excellent return loss. 

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