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VM6000 Tektronix Audio Analyzer

The VM6000 is a 1 GHz audio analyzer from Tektronix.
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  • Automates Test of Consumer HDTV Video Devices
  • Automates VESA Compliance Test for PC Graphics Devices
  • Automates Testing of Multimedia PC
  • Fast, Accurate, and Reliable Video Measurements
  • Comprehensive Component Analog Video Signal Analysis
  • SDTV, HDTV, and RGBHV Component Analog Format Support
  • Picture, Vector, and Waveform Displays
  • Companion Test Signal Packages
  • Time-saving Test Utilities
  • Pass/Fail Limit Testing
  • Automatic Report Generator
  • Video Measurement Accessories
  • Complete 1 GHz Bandwidth, 4-channel DPO Functionality
  • Large 12.1 in. XGA Touch Screen Display
  • GPIB Remote Control
  • LAN Connectivity
  • CD-R/W Drive (DVD Read-only)
  • Pinpoint™ Triggering
  • Technology-specific Software Options for Jitter and Timing Measurements, Power Measurements, Serial Data, Ethernet, and USB 2.0 Compliance Testing


  • Design Validation
  • Standards Compliance Testing
  • Quality Control
  • Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Automated Manufacturing Test
  • Off-air Video Systems Test

The VM6000 automates video testing of consumer HDTV and PC graphics devices such as digital set-top boxes, multimedia PCs, graphics cards, and video semiconductors. It addresses the needs of engineers developing and deploying the next generation of video devices for the digitally connected home. Unrivalled performance in terms of speed, accuracy, and reliability has made the VM6000 the choice of industry leaders for design validation, quality control, and ATE applications.

Unlike conventional instruments, the VM6000 integrates acquisition hardware, optimized video measurement algorithms, test signal files, and accessories into a cohesive test system solution. Product verification activities that previously took hours or days to complete can now be completed in seconds or minutes. Offering near plug-and-play video measurement capability, even unskilled operators can reliably assess video output signal quality. The conformance of signals to specifications is reported with obvious pass or fail results, with signal distortions clearly identified for further analysis.

The VM6000 stands alone as the only automatic video analyzer capable of supporting SD, HDTV, and PC graphics signal formats. Offering a full 1 GHz bandwidth, and 5 GS/s sample rate, the VM6000 is well suited to the demands of measuring high-resolution HDTV and high-frequency PC graphics video signals. Traditional DTV formats from 480i through 1080p and either RGB or YPbPr color space are supported in Options SD and HD. Option VGA supports common analog RGBHV signal resolutions from 640×480p though 2048×1536p, and pervasive refresh rates from 60 Hz through 120 Hz.

The ultimate solution for component analog video signal analysis, the VM6000 delivers comprehensive characterization of video fidelity, signal quality, and standards compliance. With available options, the instrument automatically assesses conformance of video signals to applicable EIA-770.x, SMPTE-274M, 296M, and VESA VSIS standards. Traditional “TV” signal fidelity is evaluated utilizing industry-accepted parameters, making 150 individual measurements automatically in less than 20 seconds. PC graphics signal fidelity is assessed using comprehensive RGB video and HV Sync measurement parameters made in accordance with VSIS test procedures. Preloaded reference and limit files enable go/no-go evaluation to applicable DMT, CVT, or GTF timing standards.

As an integrated signal analyzer, the VM6000 can be reliably deployed as a stand-alone QA station in manufacturing. Unlike modular test systems, extensive programming, complicated system debugging, or costly test engineering support is not required with the VM6000. Integrated pass/fail limit testing and documentation utilities link distributed design, supply, and manufacturing organizations with standardized test capability. Product quality is enhanced because accurate test results can be reliably generated, easily replicated, and readily communicated across a global engineering, manufacturing, or sales organization.

These unique capabilities enable in-depth signal analysis, speed product development, and ensure new designs comply with applicable standards. Fast, accurate, and objective video measurements enable manufacturers to ensure that HDTV or PC graphics video signal quality is up to the challenge of today’s high-performance displays, as well as providing clear differentiation between input signal and display device impairments.

The VM6000 offers intuitive Windows-based configuration and measurement menus for easy operation and minimal training. A 12.1 in. (307 mm) color display provides a bright, clear, and crisp display of waveforms and measurement results. Users can easily navigate through logically arranged menus and make selections using radio buttons with a mouse or touch screen.

Complicated instrument setups, algorithm selection, programming, and other undesirable aspects of making video measurements are eliminated with the VM6000. Configuration is as simple as selecting the Auto Format function or individually selecting the video format manually and then selecting the measurement parameters from an on-screen menu, eliminating complicated instrument setups, tedious manual measurements, and time-consuming results correlation. These test configuration settings can be readily saved, recalled, or copied, further simplifying test of multiformat video devices. Users wanting to make manual measurements can exit the automated measurement application and then access a full-featured oscilloscope.

Supports SD, HDTV, and RGBHV Component Analog Video Formats

The VM6000 can be flexibly configured to support any combination of component analog SDTV, HDTV, and RGBHV video formats with the available options. Broad format support enables automated test of digital set-top boxes, video semiconductors, DVD players, PC graphics cards, and other consumer video devices.

Bandwidth and Sample Rates Suitable for HDTV and High-resolution PC Graphics Signals

The VM6000 utilizes a digital phosphor oscilloscope platform as the basis for signal acquisition and analysis. Utilizing proven, high-speed measurement architecture, Tektronix surpasses the limitations of current video analyzers to address the evolving needs of the video industry. The VM6000 offers over 1 GHz of bandwidth and 5 GS/s maximum real-time sample rates for all 4 measurement channels – easily assessing the frequency response of 60 MHz HDTV signals or transient response of 350 MHz PCF VESA signals. The high sample rates and low noise floor of the instrument enable noise measurement accuracy that was previously impossible on HDTV signals. A typical rise time of 225 ps and superior time-base performance are sufficient to make critical sync and rise-time measurements as required by EIA-770 and SMPTE 274 M and VESA. Standard 10 M (4 CH) record length and high sample rates deliver measurement results with minimal time lag.

The VM6000 incorporates an extensive set of automated video measurements that deliver comprehensive characterization of the fidelity and conformance of component analog signals. Approximately 150 individual measurements completely characterize video signal amplitudes, timing, and noise distortions into parameter categories that are easily understood, facilitating troubleshooting and design optimization. Enabled by such broad and thorough signal analysis, the VM6000 is able to identify relevant video signal impairments, verify compliance with applicable standards, and ensure operability with connected displays.

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