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VT04-MAINT-KIT Fluke Accessory Kit

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The VT04-MAINT-KIT is an accessory kit from Fluke.
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Kit Includes-

  • Fluke VT04 Visual IR Thermometer
  • Fluke 1507 Insulation Multimeter


  • Hard Case
  • Hand strap
  • Mini SD card and adapter
  • SmartView® software on CD
  • Lithium Ion batteries and Micro USB Charger/Power Supply
  • Fluke 1507 Insulation Resistance Tester


  • Overloaded breakers
  • Evaluate compressor heat expansion valves
  • Overheating motor
  • Unbalanced three phase supply
  • Overheating bearings
  • Combination starter
  • Faulty air damper
  • Normal operating temperature on mission critical breaker
  • Abnormal heat patterns in an AC condenser
  • Detect issues with switchgears
  • Monitor power factor correction capacitors
  • Ensure hydronic and radiant flooring is functional
  • Overheating pulley and belts
  • Identify potential heat loss from doors and windows
  • Check fans for high-powered equipment

The Fluke VT04-MAINT-KIT is a thermometer and maintenance kit.

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