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VX4353 Tektronix Switch Card

The VX4353 is a switch card from Tektronix.

Additional Features:

  • Independently Controlled Single-Pole, Single-Throw Relays
  • Individual Relays or All Relays can be Opened or Closed Under Program Control
  • Amount of Delay Between Successive Operations and the Relay Closure Dwell Time can be Controlled by Software
  • Delay Times from 0 to 65535 Milliseconds can be Selected

The Tektronix VX4353 Relay Switching Module is a printed circuit board for use in a mainframe conforming to the VXIbus specifications, such as the VX1400 “C” size mainframe used in the Tektronix / CDS IAC system. The Module provides 32 independently controlled single-pole, single-throw relays. Individual relays or all relays can be opened or closed under program control.

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