WA-1100 Burleigh Optical Meter

The WA-1100 is a used Optical Meter from Burleigh. Engineers use optical signal generators when they want to transmit optical signals during an electronic equipment test.An optical meter is an instrument used to test and measure optical signals.

Additional Features:

  • Wavelength Range: 700 - 1700 nm
  • Wavelength Absolute Accuracy: +/- 1ppm
  • Max Input level: 10 dBm
  • Optical Input: 9/125 um Single-Mode fiber
  • Absolute optical wavelength measured to the highest guaranteed accuracy of ±0.2 ppm
  • Continuous calibration with built-in wavelength standard
  • Operation with CW, modulated and SONET/SDH signals


  • Characterize active components
  • Accurate wavelength analysis of transmitters
  • (DFB lasers, tunable lasers and VCSELs)
  • Calibrate component test equipment and test stations
  • Accurate wavelength calibration of optical spectrum analyzers (OSAs)
  • Accurate wavelength calibration of discretely tunable and swept wavelength tunable lasers

The WA-1100 Wavemeter Optical Wavelength Meters provides the highest accuracy wavelength measurement, and is designed specifically for the precise characterization of DWDM components in manufacturing environments.
Unlike other wavelength meters, all factors that can affect wavelength measurement are accounted for in order to achieve the highest absolute wavelength uncertainty of ±0.1 ppm.

When the highest accuracy is not required, this lower cost alternative is available, providing an absolute wavelength uncertainty of ±1 ppm. To ensure accuracy of wavelength measurements, all Wavemeter Optical Wavelength Meters are traceable to recognized standards.

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