WAVERUNNER 104MXI LeCroy Digital Oscilloscope


Additional Features:

  • Bandwidth: 1 GHz
  • 4 Channels
  • Sample Rate: 5 GS/s per Channel (10 GS/s Max. interleaved)
  • Record Length: 12.5 Mpts/Ch (25Mpts interleaved)
  • WaveScan™ Advanced Search Feature
  • LabNotebook™ Report Generation Tool
  • Advanced Math and Measurement Capabilities
  • Jitter and Timing Analysis
  • Customized Math and Measurements
  • Powerful SMART Triggers™
  • HDTV Trigger
  • Large 10.4" Touch Screen
  • Small 6" Deep Footprint
  • Mixed Signal Options
  • I2C, SPI, UART and RS-232 Trigger and Decode
  • CAN, LIN and FlexRay Trigger and Decode
More Information
Frequency1 GHz
Record Length12.5 MPts
Sampling Rate5 GS/s
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