WAVERUNNER 610ZI LeCroy Digital Oscilloscope



  • Bandwidth: 1 GHz
  • 4 Channels
  • Sample Rate: 10 GS/s on 4 Channels; 20 GS/s on 2 Channels
  • Record Length: 16 Mpts
  • Resolution: 8-bit
  • 256 Mpts/Ch (Optional)
  • ±0.5% F.S. DC gain accuracy
  • 55 dB SNR
  • 1 mV vertical Sensitivity @ full bandwidth
  • Up to ±400 V offset capability
  • 20 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz, 350 MHz filters for additional noise iltering
  • 12.1" Widescreen (16 x 9) high resolution
  • WXGA color touch screen display
  • 90º rotating and tilting display for optimal viewing of signals
  • Small footprint, only 8.1" deep
  • Easy connectivity with two convenient USB ports on the front, two on the side
  • USBTMC (Test and Measurement Class) port simpliies programming
  • X-Stream™ II streaming architecture 10-100 times faster analysis and better responsiveness than other oscilloscopes

Most Comprehensive Serial Data Analysis

WaveRunner 6 Zi offers the most tools for serial data analysis. With over 30 trigger, decode, and compliance solutions, WaveRunner 6 Zi can address problems with unique, powerful views and automated tools. The unique measurement toolset, ProtoSync™, combines the oscilloscope view with a simultaneous view of data link layer decodes on the same instrument.

Excellent Signal Fidelity

The WaveRunner 6 Zi oscilloscope family features a pristine signal path that offers unmatched signal idelity with low noise. The WaveRunner HRO offers a 12-bit ADC, resulting in up to 55 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR).

This performance is augmented by a huge offset and timebase delay adjustment to allow easy signal and ampliier performance assessment and zooming on vertical and horizontal signal characteristics.

More Information
Frequency1 GHz
Record Length16 MPts
Sampling Rate20 GS/s
DPHY-DECODED-PHY Bus Decode option
EMBI2C, SPI and UART Trigger and Decode Option
JITKITClock Jitter Analysis with Four Views Software Option
JTA2Jitter and Timing Analysis
M64 Mpt/Ch (4 channel operation)
PCIE-DPCI Express Gen1 Decode Option
PMA2PowerMeasure Analysis Software Option
SDA2Serial Data Analysis Option
SPISPI Bus Trigger and Decode
USB3-DUSB 3.0 Decode option for WavePro Zi
VBAIVisual Basic
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