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WCL488-100-1000-12000 TDI DC Electronic Load

The WCL488-100-1000-12000 is a 12000 watt DC electronic load from TDI. Simulate loading on an electronic circuit including power supply testing, ATE applications, LED testing, and more.

 Additional Features:

  • Operating Ranges (Full Scales) Voltage: 10 Volts, 50 Volts, 100 Volts; Current: 100 Amps, 500 Amps, 1000 Amps 
  • Power: 12000 Watts 
  • Short Circuit: 0.001 Ohms max
  • Master Unit
  • Constant Current, Resistance, Voltage, Power, Pulse
  • Operation Below 1 Volt at High Current Amps
  • Synchronized Paralleling Creates Larger Systems Controlled as a Single Unit
  • Automated Flow Regulation to Prevent Condensation
  • Modular Design Using Standard Building Blocks
  • Low Water Flow (3gpm @ 10¡C / 12kW)
  • Self Configuring Based on the Number of Slaves in Use
  • Range Switching for Increased Resolution and Accuracy

The TDI WCL488-100-1000-12000 is a 12kW Water Cooled Master Electronic Load. The master programs itself and the slaves follow. The master and slave modules may be arrayed in a rack to create specific systems for the application up to 120KW/Rack.

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