WHP3000N Weller Soldering

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  • WHP3000N Infrared preheating plate 600 W with Easy Fix board holder
  • 120 V - 200 to 600 Watt Digital Preheating Plate
  • For rework of single or dual sided PC board assemblies
  • Short wave IR heaters ramp up the temperature of the PC board assembly from below
  • Precision temperature control / 150 ° F - 750 ° F (50 ° C - 400 ° C)
  • Read and set temperatures are indicated digitally
  • RS-232 Interface for connection to Weller hot air stations WHA 3000 or WX series soldering stations
  • Heated surface - 200 W: Small heating plate - 4.72 "x 2.36" / 120 mm x 60 mm
  • Heated surface - 600 W: Large heating plate - 4.72 "x 7.28" / 120 mm x 185 mm
  • Thermocouple (Type K) input for temperature control at the component level

The Weller WHP3000N is an Infrared preheating plate 600 W with Easy Fix board holder.

The WHP 3000 heating plate is equipped with 3 infrared high temperature lamps and enables electronic assemblies to be pre-heated in numerous ways. The high temperature lamps emit radiation primarily in the wavelength range 2 - 10 μm and heat modern materials rapidly and efficiently. Digital regulation electronics ensure precise temperature behaviour and support various special functions such as “AUTO OFF” or standby temperature. Setpoints and actual values are indicated digitally. Two different size heating zones are available.

Using an optional external sensor, the temperature can be regulated at defined measuring points. An integrated RS232 interface enables the device to be controlled externally from the Weller WHA 3000P / WHA 3000V hot air station.

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