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Weller WR5000MN Rework System - with WR3ME & WR2 Stations, and Irons, Tweezers, Hot Air Pencil

The Weller WR5000M rework system offers 700 watts of power over five independently controlled channels.

It includes two power stations, five hand pieces, as well as several stands, tips, and nozzles.


  • WR3ME power station
  • WR2 power station
  • WP65 soldering iron
  • WMRPMS soldering iron
  • DSX120 desoldering iron
  • WMRTMS soldering tweezer
  • HAP200 hot air pencil

The first of two power stations is the WR3ME - a three channel, 400 watt unit with soldering, desoldering, and hot air functionality. The WR3ME contains an internal pump for both vacuum and hot air, eliminating the need for external air sources. This self-contained rework system can provide up to 200 watts of soldering power, 200 watts of hot air power, and 120 watts of desoldering power.

Airflow volume with the WR3ME is adjustable between 1-15 L/Min, enabling users to fine tune the output as needed for their application. Transitioning between work on small SMD components, to heating large areas is as simple as pressing a button. The WR3ME features an easy to use interface, with a large, intuitive LCD showing critical functions for all three channels.

The Weller WR5000M also includes a second power station, the WR2. The WR2 is a two channel rework system, providing 300 watts of power. The WR2 also offers soldering, desoldering, and hot air functionality.

In addition to all the tools it comes with, the WR5000M is compatible with many other Weller products. There are a variety of solder baths, pre-heating plates, as well as handpieces in a range of different wattages and configurations. The WR5000M offers a high degree of versatility, suitable for the most demanding of rework applications.

Weller WR5000MN Rework System Includes:

  • WR3ME - Power unit, 400w, 120v
  • WR2 - Power unit, 300w, 120v
  • WP65 -  Soldering iron, 24v
  • WDH10 - Safety rest for WP65
  • XNTA - Soldering tip for WP65
  • WMRPMS - Soldering iron, 12v (for use with WR3ME only)
  • WDH50 - Safety rest for WMRPMS
  • RT3MS - Soldering tip for WMRPMS
  • DSX120 - Desoldering iron, 24v
  • WDH30 - Safety rest for DSX120
  • XDS1 - Desoldering tip for DSX120
  • WMRTMS - Soldering tweezer, 12v (for use with WR3ME only)
  • WMRTH - Safety rest for WMRTMS
  • RTW2MS - Soldering tip set for WMRTMS
  • HAP200 - Hot air pencil, 24v (for use with WR3ME port 1 only)
  • WDH30 - Safety rest for HAP200
  • R04 - Hot air nozzle for HAP200
  • R06 - Hot air nozzle for HAP200
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