WT2021MS Weller Soldering Station

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  • WT2021MS 2-channel soldering station digital 150 W
  • WMRP MS: Micro soldering iron 40 W, 12 V for Active-Tip Heating Technology WMRT MS: Micro desoldering tweezers 80 W, (2x 40 W), 12 V for Active-Tip Heating Technology
  • Intuitive use thanks to clear menu structure
  • Reduced footprint thanks to stackability
  • Lock function
  • Power unit WT 2M, 2 channel with WMRP MS Micro soldering iron and WMRT MS Micro desoldering tweezers

Items included:

  • T0051517799: WSR 203 Safety Rest for WMRT Micro desoldering tweezers
  • T0051517999: WSR 205 Safety Rest for WMRP Micro soldering iron
  • WT2M: WT2M 2-channel power unit, 150 W.
  • T0052919299N: WMRP MS Micro soldering iron WMRP MS 40 W, 12 V (hand piece without tips) with Active-Tip Heating Technology
  • T0051317599N: WMRT MS Micro desoldering tweezers WMRT MS, without safety rest

The Weller WT2021MS is a 2-channel, 150W digital soldering station with high flexibility for versatile applications.

They were made for each other. With Wellers WT Line compact, user-friendly suite of soldering and rework products all fit together nicely to give you the space you crave on your workbench.

Stackable, smart power units. Interlocking, reversible safety rests. Convenient and safe tip storage. A sleek 90 watt hybrid pencil. Microsoldering capacity. And backwards compatibility afford­ing you over 1000 tip / tool combinations.

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Power150 W
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