WT333E Yokogawa Power Meter



The WT333E is the enhanced version of Yokogawa’s 5th generation of compact power meters. The world’s best-selling power meter is the instrument of choice for a wide range of applications in production testing, quality assurance and Research & Development. They are easy to use, cost effective and accurate for diverse applications such as the testing of electric devices, the development and evaluation of home appliances and induction cookers, battery and DC driven device testing, and conformance tests on uninterruptable power supplies. The small footprint and compact size of the WT333E makes it ideal for ad-hoc bench use and for rack mounting.

The Yokogawa WT333E series provides a basic power accuracy of ±0.15% (50/60 Hz) on all measurement ranges.  It can measure waveforms which include both AC and DC. Users can use it from the low currents of standby power to the high currents of induction cooking. The WT333E can chase fluctuating input frequencies like those in motors by changing the data update rate automatically.  It can also measure harmonics and perform integration simultaneously without changing the measurement mode. The Yokogawa WT333E has a high speed automatic ranging capability in integration mode which removes this need to repeat the test and integration is continuous and accurate.

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