WX2024N Weller Soldering Station

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The WX2024N is a 255 W, 2 Channel ULTRA MS Soldering Station Set from Weller.
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  • WX2024N ULTRA MS Soldering Station Set for heavy duty soldering applications and largest components
  • Intelligent iron with motion sensor and integrated data storage
  • For high precision heavy duty soldering applications. Component size XL to XXL
  • 2-in-1
  • Triple awarded active tip technology are fully compliant with MIL-SPEC / IPC Standard
  • 2 channels for simultaneous work of 2 tools with intelligent tool detection
  • Station works as a benchtop controller to control tips, tools, fume extraction and peripheral tools
  • Toolless tip change
  • Traceability ready
  • Extremely fast heat-up time: 7 sec.

WX2024N ULTRA MS Soldering Station Set Includes:

  • T0051517499N: WSR 200 2-in-1 safety rest with metal wool brass and sponge
  • T0052923099: WXUP MS Ultra soldering iron WXUP MS 150 W, 24 V (handle without tips) for Active-Tip Heating Technology
  • T0050106099: RTU 032 S MS RT Ultra Soldering tip, chisel short Ø 3.2 × 0.8 mm, MIL-SPEC

The Weller WX2024N ULTRA MS Soldering Station Set is ideal for heavy duty soldering applications and largest components.

Weller WX stations make the manual soldering process safer, a crucial factor in the automotive, aerospace and medical technology industries. This station set is especially designed to meet the MIL-SPEC / IPC standards to save sensitive components from electrical overstress by using Weller's RT MS soldering tips. Weller offers a wide range of RT MS tips to solder components with sizes from XL to XXL. A safe soldering process is guaranteed by many features of the Weller WX station like temperature and tool locking, and tool-specific temperature settings. Integrated USB ports provide the WX bench top control units with a connection to and control over soldering fume extractors, pre-heat plates and programmable logic controllers (PLC). Firmware updates and registration are quick and easy by using USB sticks. Parameters such as standby temperatures and automatic switch-off time can easily be stored in the soldering iron. Parameters only need to be stored once; the MS soldering iron can then use them with any WX station.

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