WXR3003N Weller Desoldering

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The WXR3003N is a 600 W, 3 Channel Desoldering and Rework Station with WXHAP200, WXDV120 and WXP65 from Weller.
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Weller WXR3003N - Three Channel Rework Station with WXHAP200, WXDV120 and WXP65

Three channel rework station

  • 600 watts of power
  • Soldering, hot air and vacuum functionality
  • Does not require external compressed air
  • Three channels can be used simultaneously
  • Includes the following - WXHAP200, WXDV120, WXP65 and WVP

The Weller WXR3003N is a three channel rework station with soldering, hot air and vacuum functionality. Containing two built-in electric pumps, the WXR3003N is fully self-contained and does not require an external source of compressed air - one high performance pump provides airflow for hot air and vacuum desoldering, while the second is used for vacuum pick up tools.

The WXR3003N provides 600 watts of power and all three channels can be used simultaneously. Its intelligent power management function allows the available power to be distributed to the connected tools as required, up to 200 watts per channel.

The WXR3003N includes the following:


  • WXR3 power unit
  • WXHAP200 hot air pencil
  • WXDV120 de-soldering iron
  • WXP65 soldering iron
  • WVP vacuum pick up tool
  • PDN pliers
  • WDH30 stand
  • WDH70 stand
  • WDH10 stand
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