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XDC60-100 Xantrex DC Power Supply


The XDC60-100 is a 6 kW, 60 V, 100 A dc power supply from Xantrex.

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  • Output Voltage: 0-60
  • Output Curent: 0-100
  • Output Power: 6000 Watts
  • 3Ø 208 VAC input
  • Switching Frequency: Typical 31 kHz; 62 kHz output ripple
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Zero voltage “soft switching”
  • Constant power mode
  • 16-bit digital processing
  • Ten store/recall locations
  • 99-step, menu-driven auto sequencing
  • Advanced internal programming
  • Nine self-protection mechanisms
  • Isolated analog programming
  • RS-232 interface
  • LabView® drivers
  • Bright vacuum fluorescent display
  • Front panel software-based calibration
  • Remote sense with 5V line loss compensation
  • UL, CSA,CE approvals; FCC compliant

The Xantrex XDC60-100 is a digital, programmable DC power supply that is designed for use in OEM, ATE, burn-in, magnet charging, and other high power systems for a broad range of applications. The XDC60-100 uses a newly developed digital technology which, combined with “Soft Switching,” provides superior performance and a high level of user control through both front panel and remote interfaces. 

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