XT2640AD-4CH Xitron Power Analyzer

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The XiTron XT2640AD-4CH is a precision multi-channel power analyzer (4 channels)


  • 26A element, 220-260ksps, 24bit effective resolution, 0.025% rdg(V)
  • Provides a world-class 0.03% accuracy, 1MHz class bandwidth, and 24bit sampling
  • 1000Vrms maximum continuous voltage input
  • Dual Shunt (up to 20Arms continuous and 150Apk in rush) in a single input terminal pair with resolution
  • down to 0.1µA, also capable of being used with a current output CT.
  • Large, high-resolution color display
  • Highest precision measurements with industry-leading noise floor and linearity
  • Extremely wide dynamic range
  • Harmonic and Spectrum Analysis of voltage, current and power
  • EUT assessment is built-in to the XT2640. No computer is needed.


The XT2640 power analyzer includes a front panel USB drive interface for portable flash drives or hard disc drives:

  • Data log to a file in CSV or binary formats at up to 500 per second
  • Export a tabulation of historically saved data – needs no prior knowledge of the data to be recorded
  • Save an image of the screen – great for engineering record keeping
  • Import and export configurations – great for sharing a configuration between units or having your own configuration
  • Import and export harmonics limits – makes it easy to switch between different harmonics requirements
  • Export CSV format tabulations of measurement results, harmonics, spectrum, or scope waveforms – makes generating your own reports easy without mistakes
  • Export CSV format complete tabulations of EN61000-3-2 and -12 assessments – makes generating your own reports easy without mistakes
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