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Y5020 Fluke Current Shunt

The Y5020 is a current shunt from Fluke. In electronic test equipment, a current shunt is a device that creates a low resistance path to allow electric current to pass around a certain point in the circuit. Current shunts can verify and calibrate process control loops.

Additional Features:

  • DC to 5 kHz

The Fluke Y5020 is a precision, four-terminal, current shunt designed for use in calibrating AC/DC current sources in the range of 0 to 20 amps, do to 5 kHz. The shunt is housed in a forced-air cooled, PTI (Portable Test Instrument) case. This case is compatible with all instruments in the Fluke PTI product line and can be stacked with other PTI products to form a portable test system.

Forced-air cooling is accomplished by a fan mounted on the rear panel. Air is pulled in through the fan, passed over the shunt, and exhausted through the rear panel. Power for the fan is derived from the power line. Two voltage configurations are available, 115 or 230V AC ±10%, 50 to 60 Hz.

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