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ZGA5920 NF Corporation Impedance Analyzer

The ZGA5920 is an impedance analyzer from NF Corporation. Electrical impedance analyzers enable the measurement and monitoring of the opposition to current in AC, or alternating current, systems. Impedance refers to how the chemical or physical properties interact with voltages and currents, or how well a component passes current. Use an impedance analyzer to test equipment such as capacitors, inductors, and resistors.

Additional Features:

  • Measurement frequency: 0.1 mHz to 15 MHz 
  • Capable of measuring from ultra-low frequency ranges
  • Supports measurement of power devices and high-voltage circuits
  • Maximum input voltage: 250 Vrms; Dynamic range: 140 dB
  • Extensive range of measurement sweep parameters and high density sweeping of the frequency axis
  • Sweep parameters: Frequency, AC amplitude, DC bias, time
  • Isolation between all inputs and outputs
  • Isolation voltage: 250 Vrms 
  • Functions available to provide improved measurement data reliability
  • Open/short correction, integration and equalization, etc.
  • Amplitude compression (pseudo-constant current output measurement)
  • A wide array of optional peripheral devices are available, such as a power amplifier for amplifying the driving signal and fixtures for the measurement of various items

This analyzer supports problem-solving by researchers and engineers who are seeking to improve performance and reliability. Improvements in the performance and reliability of electronic materials, components and circuits for electronic equipment have been increasingly called for in our society––one of remarkable technical advances in household electrical appliances, automotive electronic equipment and energy-saving power electronics equipment.

The ZGA5920 was developed as a comprehensive analyzer for measuring impedance and gain-phase, and for accurately determining the responses and performance of measurement objects. To provide the measurement information that researchers and engineers need, we offer a measurement environment that achieves highly reproducible measurements. The ZGA5920 is as easy to use as a personal computer. In addition to having the functions of measurement, analysis, simulation using the analysis results, outputting of reports and data management, it’s equipped with functions including the ability to link with external devices, remote control, and the provision of measurement support information. 

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