ElectroAutomatik PSB Series


The EA-PSB Series bidirectional DC programmable power supply with integrated regenerative electronic load is capable of absorbing current and returning up to 96% of it to the local power grid. This regenerative capability significantly reduces heat, noise, and HVAC costs, making these power supplies both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

EA bidirectional dc power supplies cone standard with arbitrary waveform function generator, swappable digital interface control and built-in test routines for battery test, photovoltaic simulation and MPP tracking. 



  • Master-Auxiliary-Bus for parallel connection 
  • 19" Full insertion, 3U or 4U housing
  • Analog / USB interface, further options retrofittable
  • Microprocessor (FPGA) controlled
  • Battery test mode
  • Arbitrary generator and car startup curve
  • Optional: Digital, swappable interface modules
  • SCPI and Modbus protocol
  • LabView Vis and control software
  • High resolution of up to 16 Bit
  • Safety complaint to IEC/EN 61010
  • EMI compliant to EN 55022 class B



  • 2500W to 30000W. System up to 1.92 MW parallel operation
  • Nominal voltage - 60V to 2000V
  • Nominal current - 20A to 1000A


Model Power Connection Voltage Current Power
EA-PSB 10000 3U 208-480+10% 3ph 0-10V to 0-2000V 0-20A to 0-510A 5 kW / 10 kW / 15 kW
EA-PSB 10000 2U 100-240+10% 1ph 1-10V to 0-1500V 0-6A to 0-120A 600-3000W
EA-PSB 10000 4U 208-480+10% 3ph 0-10V to 0-2000V +-0-40A to 0-1000A 30kW


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