Instek EV Components Testing Solution

Instek provides High Power AC/DC Loads: AEL-5000 Series, High Power DC Loads: PEL-5000C Series, AC/DC Source: ASR-3000 Series, DC Powers: PSU-Series, Power Meters: GPM-8310 and Saftey Testers: GPT-10000 Series to serve the below markets:

- EV/ Automotive, Aerospace/ Defense, Renewable Energy...

Products Series Products Description
PEL-5000C Series 6KW~24KW~192KW~ with model of 150V, 600V and 1200V
AEL-5000 Series 2KW~22.5KW~180KW~540KW (Three Phase) AC/DC Load
ASR-3000 Series 2KW~4KW~12KW (Three Phase) AC/DC Source
PSU Series 1200W~1560W
GPM-8310 0.1Hz~100kHz
GPT-1000 Series 0.050kV~5.000kV
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