Tektronix 4 Series Ultimate Bundle Promo


Get a FREE Ultimate Software Bundle with the purchase of a new 4 Series MSO Oscilloscope.


Now is a great time to upgrade your bench with a new versatile touchscreen oscilloscope that's ready for all your measurement needs.

  • Bandwidths from 200 MHz to 1.5GHz
  • 4 or 6 input channels.  Each can be used for analog, spectrum or digital measurements
  • 12-bit vertical resolution (16-bit in high res mode)
  • Real time sample rate of 6.25 GS/s on all channels


Purchase a new 4 Series MSO (4 channel or 6 channel model, and bandwidth) and receive a one-year subscription to our Ultimate Software Bundle for FREE, a savings of up to $5,670.


The Ultimate Software Bundle adds extreme versatility to the 4 Series MSO with:

  • Integrated arbitrary/ function generator
  • Extended record length to 62.5 Mpoints
  • RS-232, SPI, USB2, MDIO, and more.
  • Wideband spectrum analysis
  • RF vs time measurements
  • Mask and limit testing 
  • Power measurements and analysis, including 3-phase
  • Double pulse testing


SRAUTO Automotive serial decoding, triggering and analysis
(CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay)
SRAUTOSEN SENT serial decoding and analysis
SRCXPI CXPI serial decoding and analysis
SRI3C I3C serial decoding and analysis
SRPSI5 PSI5 serial decoding and analysis
WBG-DPT Wide bandgap SiC/GaN double pulse test measurements


MTM Mask and limit testing
SRAERO Aerospace serial bus triggering and analysis (MILSTD-
1553, ARINC 429)
SRMANCH Manchester serial decoding and analysis
SRNRZ NRZ serial bus decoding and analysis
SRSPACEWIRE SpaceWire serial bus decoding and analysis

VALID THROUGH: 12/31/2023

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