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1000L Amplifier Research RF Amplifier


The 1000L is a 220 MHz 1000 Watt RF Amplifier from Amplifier Research. Amplify RF and Microwave signals to measure, test, and design circuits. Applications include radio communications, cellphones, EMI testing, and much more.

Additional Features:

  • Amplifier Type: RF
  • Maximum Fequency: - 200 MHz Max
  • Maxium Wattage: 1200 w CW/ 2500 w Pulse Max
  • Minimum Frequency: - 10 kHz Min
  • Power Gain: 47 dB Gain

The Amplifier Research 1000L is an economical, self-contained, air-cooled broadband amplifier designed for laboratory applications that require instantaneous bandwidth, high gain and high power output. Housed in a stylish contemporary enclosure, the Amplifier Research 1000L is smaller than competitive units with similar power levels. All operating controls are functionally grouped on the front panel for simplicity of operation. These include modern, lighted push-button switches for the command functions, power, standby, operate and pulse, a control for setting the output level of the amplifier, and a meter for monitoring critical operating voltages and currents. Remote control is provided through a rear panel mounted connector.


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