Vitrek Hipot Tester


The V7X Series was designed to achieve the "unheard of" by providing state-of -the-art performance in a compact multi-function Hipot tester all while keeping the price down.  With its color LCD touch screen and high DSP technology, this compact and rugged Hipot sets the bar high.


All six low cost models offer AC & DC Hipot to 5KV, leakage current measurement to 100 nano-amps, Insulation Resistance to 450GΩ.  Ground Bond to 30 amps and built-in switching. Combine all that with USB, RS232 and Digital I/O interfaces, plus a 2 year warranty. 


If you're looking for speed and power, look no further than the 95X Series.  The 6.5KVDC models offer 50mA of source current for DC Hipot - providing you with the power you need.  A majority of the series offers 50mA of sourcing for AC Hipots.  However, for heavier AC loads the 95X can be configured to source up to 200mA.  For higher AC Hipot voltages the 95X can generate up to 10KV internally and all models are            available with an external 30KVAC Hipot option. 



                     - 4.3" Color Touch Display-

                     - 6 Functions Choose Form - AC/DC Hipot, IR, Ground Bond, Continuity and Built-in Switching

                     - Made in the USA

                     - Compact, lightweight, rugged, fan-free, and fast (100mS min test time)

                     - Ground Bond 1-30A RMS (42 A peak), 100µΩ Resolution

                     - 100 nano-Amp Leakage Current Resolution

                     - Low Cost of Ownership- 2 Year Calibration Interval 

                     - USB 2.0, Serial/RS232, digital I/O Interfaces are Standard

                     - Continuously Variable Insulations Resistance 20-5000V, 450GΩ Max


Product AC Hipot DC Hipot IR Ground Bond Low Resistance Cost
V70       $1,49322
V71     $1,895.35
V73   $2,295.22
V74 $3,456.26
V76   $3,456.26
V79       $1,722.55
951i   $5,022.81
952i   $5,745.94
953i     $6,194.08
954i   $7,111.76
955i     $7,111.76
957i     $7,084.36
959i         $3,668.77
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