Rigol DG800 and 900 Series


The DG800 Pro and DG900 Pro Series Signal Generators offer affordable, professional performance in a light, compact form factor.  These series are perfect for engineers, technicians, and students alike who are needing to conduct fundamental electronic testing and floating ground tests in the lab, field, or the classroom.


The DG 800 Pro and DG900 Pro offers exceptional accuracy with 1.25 GSa/s Max. Sample Rate and 16-bit Vertical Resolution. Generating 60 MHz Square wave and 40 MHz Pulse with rise times as ow as 3 ns, both Series are capable of fast output.  Rigol's unique SIFI II technology assures a low jitter rate. These are just a few benefits of the DG 800 and DG 900 Pro Series generators. 


 Features of the DG800 and DG900 Pro Series:

- 25 MHz to 200 MHz

- 16-bit resolution

- Fast 3 ns rise time

- Multiple modulation functions

- Integrated 7 digits/s frequency counter 

- Integrated harmonic generator

- Sequence Mode automation


Product Frequency Sampling Rate Vertical Resolution Channels Arbitrary Wave Length Price
DG821 Pro 25MHz 625MSa/s 16bits 1CH 2M(8M opt.) $399
DG822 Pro 25MHz 625MSa/s 16Bit 2CH 2M(8M opt) $439
DG852 Pro 50MHz 625MSa/s 16Bit 2CH 2M(8M opt) $499
DG902 Pro 70MHz 1.25Gsa/s 16Bit 2CH 16M(32M opt) $699
DG912 Pro 150MHz 1.25Gsa/s 16bit 2CH 16M(32M opt) $899
DG922 Pro 200MHz 1.25Gsa/s 16bit 2CH 16M(32M opt) $1,199
















The DM858 Series is a 5.5-bit digital multimeter with features such as high precision, multifunctional, easy operations, large screen, and small volume.  It provides USB and LAN interfaces and supports remote control  It is compact and supported by a desk stand, designed for automatic measurements, making it the best choice. 


Features of the DM858 Series:

- 5.5 Digit Resolution

- 500,000 Point Logging Memory

- 125 Readings/s Max Reading Rate

- Built-in Data and Setup Storage

- 11 measurement functions

- 5 Math operations

- 3 graphical display types 



Product Precision DCV Annual Accuracy Fastest Test Rate Price 
DM858 5.5 Digits 0.03% 125 rdgs/s $499
DM858E 5.5 Digits  0.06% 80 rdgs/s $369
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