1630D Agilent Logic Analyzer

The 1630D is a 16 channel Logic Analyzer from Agilent. A logic analyzer is a type of electronic test equipment that engineers use to capture and display signals from a digital circuit or system. Logic analyzers are useful for measuring data, such as state machine traces, timing diagrams, and protocol decodes. When an engineer needs to view the timing relationship between multiple signals, he or she will use a logic analyzer for signal monitoring over time.

Additional Features:

Selectable display modes include:

  • Binary
  • Octal
  • Decimal
  • Hexadecimal
  • Relocation
  • User-defined mnemonics
  • Microprocessor-specified mnemonics

The Agilent 1630D, Logic Analyzer, has also been called the "general purpose tool for the modern designer" and for good reason! State listings and waveforms provide displays and windowing of address, data, status, and control line activity.

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