1660A Agilent Logic Analyzer


The 1660A is a 136 channel Logic Analyzer from Agilent. A logic analyzer is a type of electronic test equipment that engineers use to capture and display signals from a digital circuit or system. Logic analyzers are useful for measuring data, such as state machine traces, timing diagrams, and protocol decodes. When an engineer needs to view the timing relationship between multiple signals, he or she will use a logic analyzer for signal monitoring over time.

Additional Features:

  • 136 channels
  • Timing 250 MHz on all channels, 500 MHz half channels
  • Transitional 125 MHz all channels, 250 MHz half channels
  • Glitch 125 MHz half channels
  • State Analysis 100 MHz in all modes
  • Clock channels 6 of the 136
  • Memory 4 k/channel, 8 k in half channel mode
  • setup / hold time 3.5/0 nS to 0/3.5 nS adjustable in 500 pS increments
  • State Time Tag Resolution 8 nS
  • Min. Detectable Glitch 3.5 nS

The Agilent 1660A is a portable logic analyzer. The Agilent 1660A 136-channel portable logic analyzer with pattern generator is the perfect tool for functional testing your digital design. See how your system responds to specific signals or clock speeds. Correlate data captured with the state analyzer or timing analyzer to verify correct operation. Use the pattern generator as a substitute for missing boards, integrated circuits, or buses.

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