1867 QuadTech Insulation Meter


Additional Features:

  • Economical Megohmmeter
  • High Charge Current up to 25mA
  • 200 Test Voltages: 10 to 1090V
  • 50kO to 200TO (2 x 1014O)
  • Pass/Fail Indication
  • Simple Operation

The 1867 Megohmmeter is an excellent and economical choice for production testing. Test voltage can be set from 10 to 109V in 1-volt steps and from 100 to 1090V in 10-volt steps.

Thus, the 1867 can be set to any common, or uncommon, test voltage for ceramic, mica or paper capacitors, or other devices. The reverse resistance of rectifiers can be readily measured; the low test voltages available are especially useful in measuring solid-state diodes.

An additional range permits measurements up to 2 x 1014 ohms(200T). This unit is easy to use with direct-reading meter indication and lighted range switch that shows the multiplier for each range and voltage.

The maximum current possible at the terminals is limited to a 25mA when at the 500V-1090V range. Stable power supplies and feedback voltmeter circuit minimize drift and time-wasting adjustments. Guard and ground terminals permit measurement of grounded or ungrounded two- or three-terminal components.

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