19073 Chroma HiPot



  • AC, DC, IR HiPot Tester
  • 5 kVAC, 6kVDC
  • Insulation resistance 1 Megohm to 50 Gigohms, up to 1 kV test voltage
  • Direct replacement for QuadTech Sentry 30 Plus
  • Ground continuity check
  • Open Short Check (OSC) function
  • GFI shutdown the instrument when imbalance current >0.5 mA
  • Flashover (ARC) detection
  • Quick discharge of DUT in IR and DC test modes
  • Pause mode
  • Large LCD display
  • Programmable ramp/fall and test time
  • Programmable high/low limit
  • Save/Recall program test function
  • Available with remote control and serial interface

The Chroma 19073 combines both AC and DC HiPot with insulation resistance (IR) measurements into a single compact unit. The 19073 is sensitive enough to monitor current spikes even if they do not exceed the maximum trip current level.

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