2015 Keithley Analyzer

The 2015 is a used analyzer from Keithley. Analyzers are key tools to test electronic equipment in the engineering, medical, automotive, and technological industries. Use analyzers for monitoring the performances of many different types of electronic devices. You may need analyzers for the measurement of components such as audio spectrums, voltages and currents, signals, and frequencies.

Additional Features:

  • THD, THD+Noise, and SINAD measurements
  • 20 Hz–20 kHz sine wave generator
  • Fast frequency sweeps
  • 4Vrms single-ended or 8Vrms differential output
  • Individual harmonic magnitude measurements
  • 5 standard audio shaping filters
  • 13 DMM functions (6½ digits)
  • GPIB and RS -232 interfaces
  • Fast frequency sweep times-Minimizes test times and reduces test costs
  • Audio meter and DMM meter-1 instrument instead of 2 in a rack saves space and capital costs
  • Time domain and frequency domain measurements in one low cost instrument-Combine specialized audio measurements with accurate voltage, current, and resistance measurements


  • Wireless communication device audio quality testing
  • Component linearity testing
  • Lighting and ballast THD limit conformance testing
  • Telephone and automotive speaker testing

The Keithley 2015 Total Harmonic Distortion Multimeter combines audio band quality measurements with a full function 6-1/2-digit DMM. This multimeter computes Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), THD+noise, SINAD, and individual harmonics. It has programmable audio-band sine wave sources for generating stimulus signals. A second source output, the inverse of the first output, combined with the first output, provides a differential source output. The Keithley 2015 has a 4Vrms single-ended output and an 8Vrms differential source output.

It contains programmable low-pass and high-pass filters that can be combined to form a bandpass filter. In addition, five standard communication filters (CCITT, CCIR, C-message, A-weighting, and CCIR/ARM) are available for shaping the input signal for audio and telecommunications applications. The 2015 is optimized for minimizing production test time. This instrument can execute a sweep of 30 frequencies and output both voltage and THD at each frequency in only 1.1 seconds. All this audio measurement capability is combined with a DMM so that one instrument can replace two instruments in a test system.

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