2015 Keithley Analyzer


Additional Features:

  • THD, THD+Noise, and SINAD measurements
  • 20 Hz–20 kHz sine wave generator
  • Fast frequency sweeps
  • 4Vrms single-ended or 8Vrms differential output
  • Individual harmonic magnitude measurements
  • 5 standard audio shaping filters
  • 13 DMM functions (6½ digits)
  • GPIB and RS -232 interfaces
  • Fast frequency sweep times-Minimizes test times and reduces test costs
  • Audio meter and DMM meter-1 instrument instead of 2 in a rack saves space and capital costs
  • Time domain and frequency domain measurements in one low cost instrument-Combine specialized audio measurements with accurate voltage, current, and resistance measurements


  • Wireless communication device audio quality testing
  • Component linearity testing
  • Lighting and ballast THD limit conformance testing
  • Telephone and automotive speaker testing

The Keithley 2015 Total Harmonic Distortion Multimeter combines audio band quality measurements with a full function 6-1/2-digit DMM. This multimeter computes Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), THD+noise, SINAD, and individual harmonics. It has programmable audio-band sine wave sources for generating stimulus signals. A second source output, the inverse of the first output, combined with the first output, provides a differential source output. The Keithley 2015 has a 4Vrms single-ended output and an 8Vrms differential source output.

It contains programmable low-pass and high-pass filters that can be combined to form a bandpass filter. In addition, five standard communication filters (CCITT, CCIR, C-message, A-weighting, and CCIR/ARM) are available for shaping the input signal for audio and telecommunications applications. The 2015 is optimized for minimizing production test time. This instrument can execute a sweep of 30 frequencies and output both voltage and THD at each frequency in only 1.1 seconds. All this audio measurement capability is combined with a DMM so that one instrument can replace two instruments in a test system.

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