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2022 Marconi RF Generator


The 2022 is a 1 GHz RF Generator from Marconi. An RF generator is a tool engineers use to generate sinusoidal outputs while testing electronic equipment. The output will automatically have its frequency varied or swept between frequencies. A “sweep” is one complete cycle of a frequency variation. Engineers use RF signal generators as test equipment, mostly to measure responses of filters, amplifiers, and electrical components.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency range: 10 kHz to 1000 MHz
  • Displayed resolution: 10 Hz up to 100 MHz; 100 Hz above 100 MHz

The Marconi 2022 is a light-weight easily portable synthesized signal generator. It has a frequency range of 10 kHz to 1000 MHz and provides comprehensive amplitude, frequency and phase modulation facilities.

The instrument is designed to cover a wide range of applications in both production and repair of radio equipment. Output frequency is phase locked to an internal or external frequency standard and frequencies up to 100 MHz can be set to a resolution of 10 Hz, and above to a relolution of 100 Hz.

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