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214C North Atlantic Phase Angle Meter

The 214C is a phase angle meter from North Atlantic. A Phase Angle Meter shows the phase angle relationship between two power signals. These signals can be current, voltage or a combination.

Additional Features:

  • High end frequency limit: 400 Hz

The North Atlantic 214C Phase Angle Voltmeter is solid-state and provides direct reading of total voltage, fundamental voltage, in-phase voltage, quadrature voltage and phase angle. The 214C is supplied with both signal and reference isolation. Frequency range covered is from 0-400 Hz, phase sensitive: 1, 2, 3, or 4 frequencies from 30Hz to 20kHz with plug-in field changeable modules. Phase sensitive bandwidth of ±5%. Voltage range is 300 µV to 300 V in 13 ranges with an accuracy of ±2% full scale, phase dial is ±1°. With field changeable modules, complete recalibration is readily accomplished by a single rear-panel adjustment.



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