2151-5000 AEA Technology Accessory Kit

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The 2151-5000 is an accessory kit from AEA Technology.
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6021-5154 AEA Technology Meter-

  • E20/20 TDR Avionics Kit
  • Ranges: From 0-10ft (0-2m) to 20,000ft (5Km)
  • No dead zones on any range setting
  • Range Zoom on Cursor
  • Impedance zoom using Z Scale
  • Cursor reading down to ±½ inch (±8mm)
  • Cable List with up to 64 cable types
  • BNC and RJ45 connectors standard
  • Setup Wizard - step-by-step start up assistance
  • Context sensitive help
  • Cell phone style alpha-numeric entry pad
  • Keypad LED indicators for active function
  • Cable toning - coax or wire pairs
  • Stores 32 traces with name, date & time
  • Rechargeable NiMH AA cells (included)
  • ETDR PC Vision software (included)
  • Kit Case is ATA rated and MIL-STD tested

6050-5050 AEA Technology SWR Meter-

  • SWR Site Analyzer Kit


6021-5154 AEA Technology Meter-

  • 6021-5154 E20/20B Network TDR with BNC and RJ-45 connectors and aviation cable list.
  • Hard carrying case with anti-FOD layout, belt case, AC power adapter, 8 AA NiMH cells (installed), USB Cable. 
  • Test leads: BNC(m)-to-BNC(f) 6ft (2m) 50 Ohm cable, BNC-to-alligator clips, BNC-to-pins, sizes 12, 16, 20, and 22, BNC-to-sockets, sizes 12, 16, 20, and 22, RJ-45-to-RJ-45 6ft (2m) Cat 5 (ISO class D) cable
  • Basic Guide, Quick Start Guide, CD-ROM with ETDR PC Vision software, Operator Manual, Training Presentation, and Application Notes

6050-5050 AEA Technology SWR Meter-

  • Soft carrying case 
  • DC Vehicle Recharger adapter 
  • 3 way Terminator Set 
  • Open 
  • Short and 50 Ω load and “N” to BNC Adapter


6050-5050 AEA Technology SWR Meter-

  • Frequency 1.4 GHz

The AEA Technology 2151-5000 is a kit that includes both the Avionics TDR kit (6021-5154) and SWR Site Analyzer kit (6050-5050) bundled together.

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