220070 Biddle HiPot


Additional Features:

  • Output: 70-kV DC
  • Input Power: Nominal 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Acceptance testing on 15 kV class cable
  • Maintenance testing on 28 kV class cable
  • Advanced performance with long-term reliability provided by filtered half-wave rectification
  • Designed for maximum operator safety
  • Operates Like a Full-Wave Rectified Unit
  • Complete Internal Guard Circuit/Guard, Connection on High-Voltage Output Cable
  • Continuously Variable Test Voltage
  • Fast Charging of High-Capacitance Samples
  • Bipolar ammeter that displays the magnitude of the discharge current from the unit under test
  • Input-supply-line circuit breaker
  • Output current overload relay
  • Zero-start interlock for high-voltage output
  • Pushbutton controls and indicating lights for high-voltage ON/OFF
  • Full circuit-breaker protection against internal damage by overloads, surges or test sample breakdown
  • Connection for external permissive and safety interlocks

The Biddle 220070 High Voltage DC Dielectric Test Set provides the most dependable, portable DC highvoltage sources for checking the quality of electrical power cables, motors, switchgear, insulators, transformers and capacitors.

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