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237-ALG-2 Keithley Coaxial Cable

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The 237-ALG-2 is a coaxial cable from Keithley.

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Additional Features:

  • For use with: Series 2200, Series 2600B, 4200-PA, 6220, 6221, 6482, 6487, 6514, 6517A, and 6517B
  • Working voltage: 600 V peak center conductor to inner shield; 1,300 V peak center conductor and inner shield to outer shell
  • Contact resistance: < 0.5 Ω
  • Insulation resistance: 1015 Ω, center conductor to inner shield (500 V test voltage, 23 °C at < 40 percent relative humidity)

The Keithley 237-ALG-2 is a 2m (6.6 ft) Low Noise Input Triax cable (SC-22) terminated with a 3-slot male triax connector on one end and 3 alligator clips on the other.

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