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251B Elgar AC Source

The 251B is a 260 V, 250 VA, 9.2 A, 5 kHz ac source from Elgar.

Additional Features:

  • Total VA: 250
  • Voltage Range (RMS) L-N
  • 0-32 volts @ 9.2 Amp (RMS)
  • 0-130 volts @ 2.25 Amp (RMS)
  • 0-260 volts @ 1.1 Amp (RMS)
  • Frequency Range (Hz): 45 to 5k at full rated power
  • Input: 115 or 230 Vac, 47/63 Hz, Single phase.
  • Output Power Volt Ampere Rating
  • Single phase: 120 VA to 18 kVA
  • Dual phase: 24 0 VA to 18 kVA
  • Three phase: 150 VA to 36 kVA


The linear design of the SL and B Series provides a highly regulated, clean sine wave, making these units ideal for linear loads in general purpose test applications as well as for Automatic Test Equipment systems and avionics testing.

  • Power fault simulation when used with an Elgar Plug-In Programmer
  • Frequency conversion (60 to 50 Hz or 50 to 60 Hz) for generating international or USA power
  • Power supply testing
  • Gyro testing
  • Avionics testing (400 Hz)

The Elgar 251B power source is a wide range, solid-state linear amplifier that converts the incoming line to low distortion, stable sine wave power.

These solid-state frequency changers are benchtop 19" rackmount units that can be driven over their full voltage and frequency ranges by fixed, variable or programmable plug-in oscillators.

The Elgar 251B offers overload and overtemperature protection, can operate continuously at up to 150% rated capacity, and provide up to three output voltage ranges.

Continuous Duty at 100% Rated Capacity

Due to their conservative design, the 251B provides continuous duty at 100% rated capacity into a linear resistive load.

Low Harmonic Distortion

The Elgar 251B power sources provide low harmonic distortion normally below 0.3% midband, 0.6% over the full frequency range.

Wide Frequency Range

Elgar AC power sources offer frequencies from 45 Hz to 5 kHz at full rated power. (optionally expandable to 10 kHz).


The Elgar 251B components can be used as building blocks for creating a full range of single, dual and three-phase AC power sources.

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