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2804A Agilent Thermometer

The 2804A is a thermometer from Agilent. Thermometers are a type of electronic test equipment used to collect information in a variety of applications. Professionals use thermometers to measure and document information during electrical troubleshooting, vehicle repair/maintenance, HVAC applications and energy audits, science experiments, semiconductor technology manufacturing, and circuit terminal testing. Used and refurbished test equipment thermometers log data in Fahrenheit and Celsius and use an easy-to-read digital display screen. ValueTronics has thermocouple, infrared, dual K-type, non-contact, heavy duty, and other thermometers.

Additional Features:

  • Absolute Accuracy: +/-0.04ºC 
  • Resolution: 0.0001ºC or 0.001ºF 
  • Range: -80º to +250ºC
  • Display of absolute or differential temperature
  • Flexible HP-IB system interface
  • Variable resolution analog output
  • Easy ice-point or triple-point adjustment

The Agilent 2804A Quartz Thermometer allows you to easily measure temperature with exceptionally high accuracy and resolution. Absolute accuracy is ±40 millidegrees Celsius over the range of — 50 °C to 150°C, NBS traceable to IPTS-68. The useable resolution of 0.0001 °C allows you to measure temperature changes that could not be detected by other digital thermometers.

The Agilent 2804A can be used with one or two temperature sensing probes. The temperature of either probe, or their difference, can be measured and displayed under pushbutton control. Display resolution is selectable from 0.01 to 0.0001 °C (0.1 to 0.001 ° F) by pushbuttons. An internal switch allows you to easily select measurement in the Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scale.

Temperature is measured and displayed automatically with the microprocessor and electronics provided in the Agilent 2804A package. There is no need to balance a bridge, perform calculations using resistance- or voltage-temperature tables or curves, or to use calibration correction tables. The only adjustment necessary to remove effects of thermal history on the sensor is a simple ice point or triple point calibration adjustment using the front panel thumbwheel switches.

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