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3265A Wayne Kerr Impedance Analyzer

The 3265A is an impedance analyzer from Wayne Kerr. Electrical impedance analyzers enable the measurement and monitoring of the opposition to current in AC, or alternating current, systems. Impedance refers to how the chemical or physical properties interact with voltages and currents, or how well a component passes current. Use an impedance analyzer to test equipment such as capacitors, inductors, and resistors.

Additional Features:

  • 11V of compliance voltage
  • 20 Hz - 1 MHz
  • 25mA - 25A current in conjunction with 3260A
  • up to 5 units can be connected together to provide 125A
  • Safety interlock to protect operator from back-EMFs
  • Easily rack-mountable with inductance analyzer

 Due to the level of current involved a ‘safety interlock’ is provided along with a number of internal controls, which automatically switch off the current in the event of a failure. The safety interlock allows a Perspex protective cover or light shield to be used, which on opening off.

Measurements can be performed without DC bias current flowing using the Kelvin leads to save re-configuring connections back to the inductance analyzer. It is also possible to use only the high current leads to perform a lower
activity 2-terminal measurement with bias current flowing.

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