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33311B Agilent Coax Switch


The 33311B is a coax switch from Agilent. Switches act as the interface between the equipment under test and the test instrument’s routing signals during an electronic test. Depending on their measurement needs, engineers use solid-state switches, mercury-wetted relays, armature relays, or reed relays.

Additional Features:

  • SPDT Coaxial Switch
  • Frequency range: DC-18GHz
  • Insertion Loss: <0.20 dB, DC-2 GHz; <0.50 dB, 2-18 GHz
  • Isolation Between Ports: >90 dB, dc-18 GHz
  • SWR Through Line: <1.10, DC-2 GHz; <1.20, 2-12.4 GHz; <1.30, 12.4-18 GHz
  • Into Internal 50ΩLoad: <1.10, DC-2 GHz; <1.20, 2-12.4 GHz; <1.30, 12.4-18 GHz
  • Connector: SMA (f)
  • Insertion Loss Repeatability: DC-18GHz, <0.03 dB
  • Maximum Power Rating: 1 watt average; 100 watts peak; +7V dc
  • Life (Typical): >1,000,000 cycles
  • Switching Solenoid: Switching speed 30 mS maximum
  • Solenoid Electrical and Switching Voltage: Voltage: 24 Vdc (20-30Vdc); Current: 120 mA @ 24 Vdc; Impedance: 20Ω, 127 mH

The Agilent HP 33311B offers excellent electrical and mechanical performance with broadband operation, high isolation, low SWR, long life and exceptional repeatability. The switch is designed with your applications in mind. The 33311B has a frequency range of 18 GHz and an SMA connector. The Agilent HP 33311B is a single-pole double-throw switch with high isolation, >90dB. The 33311B terminates the unused port into 50Ω, a key feature for your application where low SWR is required on all ports.

The Agilent HP 33311B has 4 RF ports with one internal 50Ω termination. Designed specifically for your applications requiring a transfer switch or a cross switching element in a microwave switching assembly.

The Agilent HP 33311B is an excellent choice for applications where you require selection of multiple signal sources, frequency counter, or signal control devices such as modulators or filters, or routing signals to multiple test ports.

In automatic test systems, the 33311B can be driven directly by the HP 11713A Attenuator/Switch driver, so the switch becomes HP-IB programmable. Each HP 11713A can drive up to ten HP 33312x Series switches.

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