33611A Agilent Arbitrary Waveform Generator


The 33611A is a 80 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator from Agilent. An arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) is a type of electronic test equipment people use to generate repetitive or single-shot electrical waveforms. Single-shot waveforms require a triggering source, either internal or external, while repetitive waveforms do not. Inject the signal the waveform generator creates into a device for analysis during testing, finding problems with the device, or confirming proper operation.


  • 80 MHz, 1 channel
  • Up to 100 MHz pulse
  • 1 GSa/s sampling rate
  • 14-bit amplitude resolution
  • Trueform arbitrary waveforms, sequencing
  • Up to 64 MSa per channel arb memory
  • Low jitter: 1 ps, low phase noise: -125 dBc/Hz
  • Low harmonic and spurious distortion
  • PRBS serial patterns
  • Optional high-stability time-base
  • Waveform summing and combining capability
  • Variable-bandwidth noise
  • Waveform sequencing
  • Pseudo-random binary sequence (PRBS) pattern generation
  • Smart phone and tablet access
  • Flexibility in creating and playing waveforms
  • Built-in Web browser
  • Standard deep memory

The Agilent HP 33611A with exclusive Trueform Technology offer more capability, fidelity and flexibility than previous generation DDS waveform generators. The Agilent HP 33611A offers a full set of standard features and an optional baseband I-Q signal player that are designed to accelerate your development process from start to finish.

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